5 interesting facts about Es Vedrá in Ibiza

5 interesting facts about Es Vedrá in Ibiza

Es Vedrá is an islet located on the southwest of Ibiza, it belongs to the Natural Reserve of Cala D’Hort, and it’s certainly one of the most stunning places in the islands, loved by locals and tourists.
It reaches a significant height: 385 meters of solid rock rising on the horizon. The majesty of this great rock leaves a magical landscape in our minds, there are many people who claim that the attraction felt to this beautiful view is out of the ordinary.

No wonder why, here you have five curiosities of Es Vedrá that will probably surprise you:

It is the third most magnetic point on Earth.

Only after the North Pole and the famous Bermuda Triangle. This great mass of solid stone acts as energy storage, creating a magnetic field which has caused interferences on some radar, compasses and other navigation systems of ships and aircrafts.

Even swimmers have reported to hear deep underwater noises in the area, which caused sudden changes on the usual behavioral patterns of the swimming direction of school of fish.

Maybe the energy and magnetism that most people who visit the island felt has something to do with Es Vedrá?

It is a private property

The islet belongs to some Ibizan families. It is an uninhabited and protected area, you are not allowed to disembark nor visit it unless you have got special permission from the Department of the Environment, as it is part of the Nature Reserve of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and Els Illots Ponent.

Inspires artists

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most magical and beautiful corners of Ibiza. This large rock has served as a muse for many artists, they have found their inspiration for their creations thanks to these stunning landscapes.
As an example, the great musician Mike Oldfield, lived in Ibiza for several years, he took the spirituality and energy that Es Vedrà provides and used the image of this rock on his album “ Voyager”.

Its blue Lizards

One of the subspecies of lizard of the Pitiusas (Ibiza Wall Lizard) is hidden in Es Vedrà, it can be distinguished by its intense blue color. Aren’t they beautiful?

Goats are the only mammals inhabitants

It is not a legend, between 37-45 ruminants are currently living on the islet, the goats were artificially introduced last century, right now the govern is quite concern as they are destroying the native flora, an example is the “chamomile de Es Vedrà”, a unique subspecies not found anywhere else on earth which will probably disappear if the goats keep living on the rock.

The presence of the goats it also affecting other species such as lizards and seabirds, this is because they lose pretty much of the whole surface to lay their nests.
This stunning islet certainly worth’s a visit. An unforgettable way to see the magnificent view is by navigating around it with one of our boats. Do not miss this opportunity and book yours today!

Tip: In this area you can delight yourself with come incredible sunsets, we totally recommend you to sit back, relax and enjoy them!

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